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No Rest For The Wicked 2
Martina had expected an empty pantry or rats eating all the food. Maybe a portal to Narnia. Anything but a tiny guy raiding the cupboards, staring up at her with wide green eyes.
She wasn’t really thinking about her actions while snatching him up. Her baseball bat clattering to the floor didn’t even register in her brain.

Crazy cannibal virus? I can live with that. But tiny dudes, seriously?!

He dangled upside down in front of her face. She was thinking what exactly one should ask a tiny pantry-raider when he surprised her:
“Put me down, damn you!”

Of course he speaks English on top of everything!

Martina wasn’t sure if he was naturally ghostly pale or just scared of her. This was a disconcerting thought, considering she was barely over five feet tall, baby-faced and hadn’t intimidated anyone over ten years old so far. But it seemed reasonable for someone six inches tall or so.
The tiny guy looked like any normal human, besides the
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No Rest For The Wicked 1
It was right there. The thing he hated more than anything on the face of the earth. Walking around on all fours like an animal. Those dull blue eyes looked to the crack in the wallpaper as if it knew Keith was watching.
It probably did, because it showed off its bloodstained teeth at him before crawling out of the living room. Off to terrify that poor girl again, he supposed.
Keith refused to feel afraid. The damn thing could stalk him around as much as it wanted.
Meaning, he continued to deny the truth for his dignity's sake. He was cornered.
If he got out of the house he’d just expose himself to those freaks, animals, and any human survivors, and there weren’t any other houses for at least half a mile.
His food had ended three days ago despite careful rationing, and the hunger combined with the stress of recent events made him want to pull his hair off.
Keith paced around his home, mostly deciding if he should risk scavenging or die of hunger.
It's not like it c
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Kiss, Kiss
Evie lived in a enviable magnolia tree in a fine-living side of Sacramento. It was one of eight pristine trees planted along the exterior of a new apartment building. The new tenants filled every vacancy within a week of its opening- which baffled her to no end. The fairy just couldn't see the appeal of living in a big concrete box. How could human beings stand it, living so detached from the lush, soothing embrace of Mother Nature?
The day she first saw him was dreadfully gloomy. She was forced to take shelter on a third-story window sill while she waited for the rain to cease. 
A male voice accompanied the opening of a door somewhere within the apartment. The disciplined little fairy shot up immediately and dashed to the corner. Always gotta be careful…. Getting spotted was such a dreadful hassle. 
Then she saw him: he had a face that looked like it belonged on one of those big signs she saw sticking out by the road. He was tall (obviously), well-built in a natu
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Brothers Saved
Sam hit the ground hard. The force of Dean slamming into him was like a linebacker tackling, and he went rolling several feet as he hit the ground, his slim ten-year-old body unable to absorb the impact like an older kid could.
An older kid like Dean.
The room was pandemonium as Sam stared up to see his older brother going for his gun.
“You’ll regret that, you bitch! ” Dean snarled as he leveled the intricately carved silver colt at the witch that had appeared in their room.
Tall and elegant, harsh and cold, the woman merely smiled, raising her hand in tandem with Dean’s. The moment they stopped moving together, Dean’s finger tightening on the trigger, the room went white.
The last Sam saw before everything was overwhelmed in brightness was Dean’s silhouette, black against the white and defiant to the end.
Then the light faded and Dean was gone.
Dean! ” Sam screamed, flipping over and scrambling to
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The Study of the Four 1
Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business
Over a decade ago, a serious of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

"C'mon! Give me a hand!"
With one last glance around the room for any obvious dangers he’d missed, Sam darted over to Dean's side. It was the small hours of the morning, before the humans in the flat would start waking up and well after the night owl had gone to bed.
For them, the best time.
Sam skidded to a halt next to Dean, staring down at the newspaper under their boots. One of the humans living in the flat-- the consulting detective, not the doctor-- had left it out for a case he was working on. Despite everything the two Winchesters had been through in their lives, they were driven to help solve the case, especiall
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